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Four Benjamin’s To Bulgaria

February 7th, 2013

Last year, Wyatt and I made an important trip to Sofia, Bulgaria.  We were part of the West-Ark Church of Christ’s Mission Team.  In 2013, all four in our family (Chris, Karen, Wyatt and Ethan) are planning to join the Bulgaria Mission Trip and continue the work.

This will be West-Ark’s fourth trip to Bulgaria.  Each year contributes to the growth in the congregation and outreach to individuals who are coming ever closer to Christ.  For 2013, our West-Ark team will be joined by a team from the Spokane, WA congregation.  About half of the youth on the West-Ark team have been before, including my son Wyatt.  The other half, including my younger son Ethan, will be visiting Sofia for the first time.

My wife, Karen, is also part of the team this year.  This will be her first trip to Bulgaria.  This will be the first mission trip together for Karen and me since 1991.  I believe we are a great team in the mission field and I look forward to her being there.  Karen has had to keep the home fires burning while I have been involved in other mission trips.  I believe she has gifts and skills that are needed in the mission field.  For instance, the Sofia church has very few little children involved.  Karen is gifted with the ability to teach children.  Her service and advice will be invaluable.

Our trip is scheduled for June 19 to July 3, 2013.  The cost is $2,500 per person.  West-Ark supports my portion as part of my work for this congregation.  However, Karen, Wyatt, and Ethan will raise their funds through contributions.  Our family’s goal is to raise $7,200.  (We have had $300 contributed already). Checks may be sent to the West-Ark Church of Christ, 900 N. Waldron Road, Fort Smith, AR 72903.  Please note on the check that this is for Karen, Wyatt, or Ethan Benjamin to Bulgaria.

We have set up a Facebook group for the trip.  You may find it at