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Preparing for Bulgaria

May 9th, 2013


I take my second trip to Bulgaria in June. This time I am blessed to have my whole family go with me. It’s the first time Karen and I have been on a a mission trip together since 1991. That was our trip to Scotland. That was our first mission trip as a married couple. Before that we went to St. Vincent in 1988. We weren’t married. The only thing that is difficult about being Ina tropical paradise with the woman you love is not being married to her!

Wyatt has been on a few mission trips out of the country. I went with him to Mexico in 2009. I loved that trip. I hope to return there one day. He and I were in Bulgaria last year.

Ethan went with Wyatt and me on the Detroit mission trip in 2011. That may have been the toughest trip of them all.

My own record of mission work includes:
Scotland: 1987
St. Vincent: 1988
Scotland: 1991
Piedras Negras, Mexico: 1992
Honduras, 1995
Nicaragua, 1997
Honduras, 1997
Guyana, 1997
Monterrey, Mexico: 2009
Detroit, 2011
Bulgaria, 2012
Ethiopia, Feb, 2013
Bulgaria, June 2013 (pending)